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Training Board for the study of Power Supply (Solid-state)


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The setup consists of a step down transformer, rectifier circuit (can be used as a half wave or a full wave rectifier) a filter circuit (on inductance and two capacitors) — the arrangement can be used for the study of various configuration of filters and a regulation circuit. The following studies can be carried out with this set-up
1. Study of rectification         (a) Full wave rectification
                                             (b) Half wave rectification
2. Study of AC Component   (a) Efficiency of various types (Ripples) of filters - T type etc.
                                             (b) The effect of load 
                                             (c) The effect of regulation
3. Regulation charac.           (a) Effective load on regulation
                                             (b) The effect of change in mains voltage
Specifications :

Output           : 0-12 volts
Max. Current  : 200mA
Regulation     : 1%

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