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Fixed Voltage IC Regulated Power Supplies


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High quality, well filtered, giving smooth fixed D.C. Voltage. Ideal for running many training boards like operational amplifiers (Type- 741). Integrated Circuit Timer (Type-555) and Integrated Circuit Regulator (Type-723).
Fully Protected against short circuit, overload and overheating condition. Compact, robust and light in weight. Supplied without meter.


Cat. No.Description
1925 (a) 5V or 6V at 1A
1925 (b) 5V or 6V at 2A
1925 (c) 9V or 12V at 1A
1925 (d) 9V or 12V at 2A
1925 (e) 15V or 18V at 1A
1925 (f) 15V or 18V at 2A

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