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Nodal Slide Assembly


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Consists of the following items

a) Nodal Upright:Consists of a combination of Single & double lens holder on a mount rotating along the vertical axis. The combination lens holders are adjustable in height, and the single & twin lens holders can either be moved together by rack & pinion or relative to each other by sliding. These motions can be read by individual pointers on a mm scale.

b) Mirror:Plain, inclinable with 3” steel C.P. Stem

c) Optical Slit:With fine machined cross slit, one surface white & the other optical black, with 3” steel C.P. Stem.

d) Lamp House:an electric bulb is encased in a metal case with cord & pin. It works on 220V AC. .


Cat. No.
1840 (a)
1840 (b)
1840 (c)
1840 (d)

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