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Bi-Prism Assembly without Optical Bench


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Fresnel Biprism set-up illustrates about the phenomenon of interference of light with the help of Bi-prism Expt., we can understand the concept of interference, image formation & the width of the fringes.

a) Biprism Holder: has the fine radial motion by a fine pitch screw.

b) Micrometer Eyepiece: Ramsden Eyepiece, 10x, is carried on a slider which moves along a micrometer screw. Accurately made . L.C.=0.01mm

c) Auto Action/Lens Holder: with automatic spring action for equal opening and closing of both sides.

d) Optical Slit:Optically true,precision ground stainless jaws, spring action for opening of jaws eliminated to ensure original accuracy even after prolonged use. Jaws open uniformly all along through a milled head. Jaw alignment tested for optical accuracy. Made for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

e) Condensing Lens :This lens is supplied with mount to condense the monochromatic Sodium Light


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