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Michelson Interferometer (Bread Board Model) - Coherent Length of the Laser


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Diode laser source typically emits two or three frequencies. If the beam consists of two frequencies, each of these frequency makes an independent interference pattern. In the event that the two mirrors are precisely equal in distance from the beam splitter, the fringe pattern will be the same regardless of the frequency. In the path lengths are not equal, there will be a case of anti-coincidence where the bright line from one set of fringes in located at the dark line of the other. This results in complete disappearance or low contrast in the observed pattern.
List of instruments supplied in this kit
• Optical breadboard
• 5mW diode laser with power supply
• Kinematic laser mount
• Beam splitter with mount
• Mirror mount with micrometer translation stage
• Mirror mount with precision translation stage
• Cell holder with detector
• Detector photo transistor
• Output measurement unit (Range 1mA - 200mA)
Salient Features :
A detector is used to record the contrast variation at the fringe pattern.
All components used are of research quality and made from laboratory grade material for long life without corrosion. The components are assembled on a breadboard and protected from dust and airflow by a transparent cover.


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