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Michelson Interferometer based on Model developed by Hilger & Watts (London


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It is divided into two parts.
(1) Mechanical (2) Optical Mechanical part consists of following items
a) Bed: Bed is optically ground, Length 250mm
b) Lead Screw: Lead screw is optically ground with its nut, length 200 mm Pitch 1 mm
c) Optical Mirror Mount: Kinematic mirror mounts are to hold the mirror which be aligned in to orthogonal direction by means of screws provided at the rare of the mount.
Optical Parts consist of the following items:
a) Beam Splitter
b) Compensating plate
Size 45mm× 32mm × 8mm 50mm× 35mm × 8mm
Beam splitter and compensating plates are covered from the same optically worked glass plate

Surface flatness          : λ/10 (both faces)
Parallelism                  : 5 arc sec.
Mirrors                        : 2 nos.
Focal Length              : 25mm thickness 10mm
Front surface Coated : Coating material : AI with SiO2
L.C. of Instrument       : 10¯4mm

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