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He-Ne Laser (Random/Unpolarised) Red


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Ideally suited for simple, clear & easily comprehensive assemblies for interference, diffraction and holography experiments. The laser is constructed is such a way that is safe to use under any circumstances. Laser tubes alongwith SMPS power supply are housed in thick powdered coated aluminium Box. From the hole, the laser beam comes out.

Operating Wavelength    : 632.8nm (RED)
Beam Diameter               : 0.8mm
Beam Divergence           : = 1mrad
Polarisation                    : random (unpolarised)
Mode                              : TEMoo
Output Power Stability    : ±2.5%
Power Input                    : 220V AC ± 10% , 50Hz
Min. Operating Life time : 15,000Hrs.
Shelf Life                        : 10 years



Cat. No.Output powerColour of lightPolarisation
1650 (a) 1mW Red random
1650 (b) 2mW Red random
1650 (c) 5mW Red random
1650 (d) 10mW Red random

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