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Abbes Refractometer


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The body of the instrument is fixed, with a leaning of 60 . Correct Refractive Index and Sugar Percentage can be read directly in the field. It consists of Abbe’s Double Prisms with the Thermostat, Compensator, Telescope Mirror, Limb, Graduated Sector, Reading Magnifier and Radical Arm which carriers a Vernier. Abbe’s Double prisms leaves a narrow space (about 0.1 mm) between the adjoining faces of the prisms. Compensator consists of the Amici Prisms which serve for reading the line of Ach. Separation.

Technical Data  
Measuring ND. 1.3000 to1.7000 ( Reflecting index)
Measuring Accuracy + 0.001 by direct reading,
Sugar %age in solution 0 to 95% (+ 0.5%)

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