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Cathetometer L-Shaped


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An instrument of great stability for quick, accurate handling. Life time stainless steel scales verniers and fine achromatic optics that make this a precision instrument of universal choice for normal experiments and for researches. The instrument is designed for use in the vertical and horizontal planes. The vertical guide bar is made of gun-metal and is of a special type. It rotates on ball centres having bearings and can be clamped in any position. The cast iron frame which support the vertical guide bar, is fitted with levelling screws. Range either 50 cm or 100 cm erector tube which can be screwed
a) 50 cm long graduated bar
b) 100 cm long graduated bar

Measuring Range 0 to 50cm or 0 to 100cm
Length of Scale 103mm
Magnification of Telescope 10 X
Visual Distance 100 cm to infinity
Graduation 0.5mm in division
1537 (a) 50 cm long graduated bar
1537 (b) 100 cm long graduated bar

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