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Student Polarimeter (Laurent’s Half Shade) SPH - 8


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Specially designed for easy to use, moderately priced, for colleges and research laboratories. Ideal for determining the specific rotation of optically active substances. Our Polarimeters are now extensively used in industrial laboratories as well. A corning glass tube is enclosed in a circular aluminum tube with top door for access and exclusion of external light. The circular scale is attached near the analyzer and the range of measurement is 0-360°. A movable Vernier on the scale enables reading of optical rotation to 60 seconds. Worm and gears combine rough and fine adjustment, provided with Half Wave Mica Plate, giving three parts field for easy setting, adjustable half shadow angles. This instrument can be used on monochromatic light only. When light passes through a polarized sheet and then through the solution, the emerging light is observed through rotatable polarized lens, analyzer which is used as eyepiece. The angle of light is rotated and read directly on the circular scale. Supplied on the adjustment stand, Packed in cardboard box with working manual.


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