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Portable Wheatstone Bridge (Modified) with Varley & Murray Loop Test


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• This bridge is exactly same as Cat No. 975 except for additional facility of Murray and Varley loop test for location of faults in cables. The bridge is also suitable for resistance measurements.
• For resistance measurements and varley loop test, there are 7 multiplying factors of ×1000, ×100, ×10, x1, ×0.1, ×0.01 and 0.001.
• For Murray loop tests, 3 additional multiplying factors of 10M, 100M and 1000M are provided. 
• Special switching arrangement has been provided to carry out conductance tests, Varley loop test and Murray loop test.
• Rest of the features like series arm, battery, galvanometer, push buttons are same as in Cat No. 975.


Cat. No.Description
976 (a) Constantan Coil Accuracy ±0.1%.
976 (b) Manganin Coil Accuracy ±0.02%.

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