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Portable Wheatstone Bridge


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This Bridge is fully portable with a built in sensitive Galvanometer and a dry battery.

Series Arm:There are 4 decades of 10×1, 10×10, 10×100 and 10×1000 ohms

Range Multipliers:A single rotary switch furnishes 7 range multipliers of X1000, X100, X10, X1, X0.1, X0.01 and X0.001.

Range of measurement :0.001 ohm & 11.1 mega ohm. 

Battery:A built-in dry battery of 4.5 volts. There is a provision for using external battery for measuring high resistances.

Galvanometer:Galvanometer of Model MO 65 with sensitivity 10 microamperes/ div. is used.

Push Buttons:Two push buttons for battery and galvanometer are provided.

Accuracy:Both series and ratio coils are adjusted to an accuracy of better than 0.05%. Overall Accuracy of measurements is better than ±0.1%.


Cat. No.Description
975 (a) Constantan Coil Accuracy ±0.1%.
975 (b) Manganin Coil Accuracy ±0.02%.

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