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Economical Resistance Box : Dial Type


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Theses unit employs high stability metal film resistance element having superior characteristics to traditional wire wound coils. It's equally suitable for AC or DC use. The individual decade are series connected in two dials, Three dials & four dials. We use high stability 1% carbon metal film resistance.

Cat. No.Type
901 (a) Single dial 0.1x10, or 1x10 or 10x10 or 100x10 (choice of any single range)
901 (b) Two dial 0.1x10, 1x10 or 1x10, 10x10 or 10x10, 100x10 or 100x10, 1000x10 ohms (choice of any one single range)
901 (c) Three dial 0.1x10, 1x10, 10x10 or 1x10 10x10 100x10 or 10x10, 100x10, 1000x10 (choice of any one single range)
901 (d) Four Dial 0.1x10, 1x10, 10x10, 100x10 or 1x10, 10x10, 100x10, 1000x10 (choice of any single range)

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