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Calibration of Wattmeter by DC Potentiometer


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Technical Specification

• In built power supplies 0-12V DC /1A, 0-75V DC/200mA, 0- 3V DC/200mA and 1V DC/ 200mA. For current source, voltage source, working current source and as standard cell respectively. 
• Two number of Digital Panel Meter for current measurement i.e. A1 and A2. 
• One number of Digital Panel Meter for voltage measurement i.e. V. 
• One number of Digital Panel Meter for galvanometer purpose i.e. G. 
• Circuit diagram on front panel with input and output sockets. Voltage ratio box of range 300 /150/30/15/1.5 with ratio 1:5.
• DC slide wire potentiometer of 10 wire, Cat. No. 932.
• AC / DC Wattmeter of range 0-37.5Watts.

Standard Accesories
• Singlepoint (4mm) Patchcords for Interconnections. 
• Patchcords (4mm) Banana Plug & otherside Open. 
• Voltage Ratio Box of range 300/ 150/ 30/ 15/ 1.5 with ratio 1:5. 
• Potentiometer Ten wire with sunmica base. 
• AC/ DC Wattmeter of Range 0-37.5 Watts 
• Rheostat of Range 0-20 Ohms/ 1Amp. 
• 3 Pin Power Cord (Mains Cord)


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