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Earth Resistance by fall of Potential Method


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Technical Specification

• One No of Inbuilt power supply of range 0-12V DC / 2 ampere.
• Two No. of Digital panel meter for voltage measurement of Range 0-20V.
• One No. of DPM for Current measurement of range 0-200 mA.
• Three No. of spoke' made of copper 10mm thick & 750mm long with high density polypropylene handle.
• Circuit Diagram on top panel arrangement is in wooden box having separate space for power & connecting wires
• Dimensions: 470 x 460 x 620 mm (L x B x H).
• Power Requirement: Single Phase 220V AC.
Standard Accessories :

• Single point Patchcords for Interconnections (Electrical)
• Connecting Wires for Electrodes of Length 10Meter
• Earth Electrode of Copper 750mm Long & 10mm Thick with High Density Polypropylene Handle
• Instruction Manual


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