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Measurement of Efficiency of Single Phase Transformer (Direct Loading)


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Technical Specification

• Two Nos. of Moving Coil Voltmeter of Range 300V AC of size 96*96mm provided with Input Terminals.
• Two Nos of Moving Coil Ammeter of Range 10A AC of size 96*96mm provided with Input Terminals.  
• Two Nos. of Single Phase Wattmeter of Range 2KW of size 96*96mm provided with Input Terminals.
• One No of Miniature Circuit Breaker of Range 10Amps (MCB/ DP) Provided on the Input Side.
• Circuit Diagram Printed on Bakelite Sheet front panel with instrument connecting terminals. 
• Panel board of portable wooden panel box is in Tappered shape for better view angle. 
• Dimensions: 470 x 460 x 620 mm (L x B x H).
• Power Requirement: Single Phase 220V AC.

Standard Accessories:
• Single phase Variac 10 Amps. Cat No. 680 (e)
• Loading Rheostat 2.5 KW Single phase in 10 Steps of 250 Watts Each Cat No. 684 (a).
• Single phase Isolation Transformer of Rating 1KVA Cat No. 692


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