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Loading Inductor Bank - Single Phase


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Construction Data : These are wound with dual coated H-class copper wire and silicon steel transformer grade lamination are used for minimum iron losses. Each inductor is vacuum impregnated treated with insulated varnish and oven baked for protection against moisture and prolonged used effects. 
To provide rigidity & Durability, the loading inductors are designed with fixed steps. The fixed steps are precisely calibrated and provide accurate reactive loads.
Cabinet : A thick bakelite panel is mounted on the front side of unit. All the components (controlling switch, selector switches, fuses and terminals etc.)are fitted on the front panel. The live section of the unit is completely insulated from the body to avoid electric shock during operation. The unit is treated with premier and non corrosive powder coating.

Cat. NoMax. Load Current in(A)Max. Wattage in KVARNo. of Fixed Steps 0.5ANo. of Fixed Steps 1ANo. of Fixed Steps 2ANo. of Fixed Steps 3A
690 a) 5 1.2 2 4 -- --
690 b) 10 2.4 2 1 1 2
690 c) 15 3.6 2 1 2 3

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