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Loading Rheostat Bank -Single Phase 250V AC -50Hz


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BESTO Rheostats are wound on high grade porcelain tubes with low temperature. Nickel-Copper or Nickel-Chrome wire windings are terminated into inverted screw terminals. All the resistances are housed in a sheet metal box of sturdy angle iron frame and covered with perforated sheet. The unit is all sides ventilated to maintain free cooling.

TROLLEY :  The unit is mounted on four castor wheels for easy transportation in the laboratory. The live section of the unit is completely insulated from the body to avoid electric shock during operation. A thick bakelite panel is mounted on the front side of trolley. All the components (controlling switch, selector switches, fuses and terminals etc.) Are fitted on the front panel. The trolley (unit) is treated with premier and non corrosive heat resistant paint.

Cat. No.Max. Watt in KWMax. Load CurrentNo. of Steps 250WNo. of Steps 500WNo. of Steps 1000W
684 (a) 2.5 10A 10 - - - -
684 (b) 5.0 20A 4 8 - -
684 (c) 6.0 25A 2 3 4
684 (d) 7.5 30A 2 2 6
684 (e) 10.0 40A 2 1 9

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