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Variac Single Phase/ Three Phase


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Construction:  Enclosed in a thick metal box, has air vents for cooling. The voltage can be adjusted and is indicated by a knob and dial on the top. 
Termination :Mains input via main cable. Output via insulated 4mm socket terminals as well as 3 pin 15 Amp. Socket.
Indication : An On/Off indicator is provided.
Overload Protection : Slow blow fuse in output line.
Output Volts : 0-240 (Line voltage connection)
0-270 V (Over voltage connection)

The item is supplied with different current capacities as per requirement in hand. Output voltage 0-270V remains the same in each case. Other specifications are as described above

Cat. No.Current CapacityPhase
680 (a) 2 Amp. Single Phase
680 (b) 4 Amp. Single Phase
680 (c) 6 Amp. Single Phase
680 (d) 8 Amp. Single Phase
680 (e) 10 Amp. Single Phase
680 (f) 15 Amp. Single Phase
680 (g) 4 Amp. Three Phase
680 (h) 8 Amp. Three Phase
680 (i) 10 Amp. Three Phase
680 (j) 15 Amp. Three Phase

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