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Higher Range Rheostat for Electrical Engineering Lab


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Specifications are same as given on page 35, the only difference is that imported bare Eureka Wire is replaced with Kanthal wire (having high stability and strength) is wound on a thick wall porcelain/cement pipe having a deeply grooved outer surface to provide air conducts for convection cooling. Contact with Kanthal resistance wire is made by two copper brushes having large contact area to give smooth current control and very little wear. The slider moves the full length of the Rheostat, moves rapid with ease. Different types of Higher Range Rheostat please refer to the table

Cat. No.AmpereOhmsSize
676 (a) 1.2 500 16" x2¼" Single Tube
676 (b) 1.6 360 22" x2¼" Single Tube
676 (c) 5.0 50 14" x2¼" Double Tube
676 (d) 5.0 100 18" x2¼" Double Tube
676 (e) 5.0 150 24" x2¼" Double Tube
676 (f) 10 20 18"x2¼" Double Tube
676 (g) 1.7 600 18"x2¼" Double Tube

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