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Rectangular Panel Meter Model MR-100 (without stand)


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Special Features: 

•Housed in ABS non-breakable case with clear transparent high impact acrylic front cover. (Stand notincluded) 
•Fitted at front with zero adjuster. 
•Knife edge pointer with anti parallax mirror for accurate readings.
•The slanting front of meter inclines the 45º scale permitting of it to be read with equal ease from eye level also. 

Technical Data :

•Scale Length : 95×65mm 
•Accuracy : ClassIndex 1.5% 
•Acrylic Meters may be subjected to wide variations in  temperature or remain in the circuit continuously without seriously affecting the accuracy.
• Allacrylic meters are manufacturedand calibrated in a modern air-conditioned and state-of-the-art plant which has been designed and built speciallyfor this work. These meters are guaranteed to perform satisfactorily All.our MR-100 meters are provided with anti-parallax mirror but without deskstand.


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