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Round Panel Meter D.C.-'B' Grade Model MO-65(without stand)


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These BESTO Meters were developed by our Engineers for frequently use by students and for other applications where a rugged low- cost instrument of moderate precision was needed. Specifications are same as Cat No. 301 but Accuracy±2.5% of full scale deflection'B' grade with anti-parallex mirror,but without deskstand

  Type Common Ranges
a) D.C.Ammeter 1.5,2.5,3,5 Amps.
b) D.C. Ammeter 10,15 Amps.
c) D.C.       MilliAmmeter 1,5,10,50,100,250,300,500 or 750 mA 
d) D.C. Voltmeter 3,5,10,25,50,100,250 or 300 volts

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