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Dummy Clock (Wooden) : To teach time from 00.00 to 24 Hrs
BM-3A Counting Abacus (1-10)(Wooden)
BM-5 Student Abacus (Wooden)
BM-6 Game of Place Value (Wooden)
BM-7 Geo board-square (Wooden) : To teach different Geometrical shapes with the help of Rubber Bands
BM-8 Geo Board-Circle Wooden : To teach different Geometrical Shapes with the help of Rubber band with Circular Protractor Printed in the centre for: Ring of Circle Theorems : Angle in a circle, Angle in a semi circle, Angle in segment, Centre angle properties, Angle subtended in the same segment
BM-10B Geometry Box (Plastic) : To Draw & Teach Geometrical Concepts on Black Board
BM-11 Geometrical Solids (Wooden) : Set of 12 Three Dimensional (Wooden) Shapes available in different sizes:
a) 5x10cm Yellow
b) 15x30 cms Coloured
BM-12 Transparent Geometrical Shapes Set of 10 (Acrylic) Geometrical Shapes to show Inner Area Slant Height & Vertical Height
BM-13 Polyhedron & Their Nets : Set of 11 (Acrylic)
BM-14 Conic Section (Wooden) : Set of 4 cones showing :
Hyperbola     Parabola
Ellipse           Circle
BM-15 Cylinder cut in 8 parts (Wooden)
Bm-16 Derivation of Value of Pie (Wooden)
BM-17 Circle Fraction Disk : Showing different fractions of Circle
BM-18 Fraction of Circle (Wooden)
BM-19 Fractions of Square (Wooden)
BM-20 Fractions of Triangle (Wooden)
BM-21 Add & Count Rods (Wooden): Set comprising 32 pcs. of different size of rod and counting 1-10 is printed on the rod. This will help the child to count, learn numbers 1-10 and addition & subtraction
BM-24 Numbers Flash cards 1-20
BM-25 Shapes Board Big (Wooden)
BM-28 Shapes Sorter Moulds Plastic Geometrical moulds to make different shapes with the help of clay
BM-30 Time teaching Stamps (Wooden) : Rubber Set of 15
BM-32 Volume Relationship Set Crystal Plastic
• Hemi Sphere   • Sphere
• Cone              • Cube
• 2 Cylinders     • Frustum
All 4 inches height & 4 inches diameter to calculate & prove the relationship between the volumes
BM-34 Set of Volumetric Cups Plastic
BM-38 Kitchen Balance Plastic
BM-41 Meter Scale Steel
BM-42 Half Meter Scale Steel
BM-45 Measuring Tape 3m
BM-48 Ranging Rod Metal to perform Height & Distance Experiments at the ground level
BM-50 Cross Staff Metal to draw perpendicular lines in the ground
BM-51 Optical Square Metal to draw parallel lines in the ground
BM-62 Probability Kit
A. Dice-Set of 2 pcs
B. Playing Cards
C. Set of Pearls : Set of 400 marbles
BM-63 Efficiency in Packing
BM-67 Geometry Kit (ACRYLIC)
BM-68 Perpendicular Line segment is The Shortest (ACRYLIC)
BM-71B Graph Roll-up Chart 100x135cms
BM-72 Magnetic Graph Co-ordinate Board with marker pen (ACRYLIC)
BM-76 Pythagoras Theorem : (ACRYLIC) 50 pcs by arranging small square pieces to make side square
BM-77 Working Model of Pythagoras Theorem (Wooden)
BM-79 Triangle Kit (Group Activity set of 5 kits) : (ACRYLIC) To teach congruency of triangle, classification by their angle and sides.
BM-80 Ratio of Area of Similar Triangles : (ACRYLIC) To verify the result that ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is equal to the ratio of the squares of their corresponding sides.
BM-81 Octant-3D (ACRYLIC)
BM-82 Identity Set-I (ACRYLIC)
BM-83 Identity Set-II (ACRYLIC)
BM-84 Identity Set-III (Wooden)
BM-85 Mensuration Kit (ACRYLIC)
a. Area of Parallelogram
b. Area of Triangle-set of 3
c. Area of Rhombus
d. Area of Trapezium
e. Mid point Theorem
f. Properties of Parallelogram
g. Quadrilateral formed by mid point of a quadrilateral
h. Algebraic Identities (Set of cubes)
i. Area of Circle (Wooden)


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